With a Greene Tech Renewable Energy solar power system you can realize BIG SAVINGS or eliminate your monthly power bill, insulate yourself from utility rate increases and increase your property's value. Moreover, a GTRE solar electric system is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit and TVA will purchase every kWh your system generates when you enroll in the Dispersed Power Program through TVA's Green Connect portal. Take control of your energy costs and enjoy all the benefits of obtaining your electricity from a clean, renewable resource: the sun.


Protect your solar investment with our services

  • Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Solar PV System Audit & Report

Deionized pure water system solar panel cleanings can make all the difference when it comes to energy production. GTRE uses a safe, proven technique to remove dirt & debris that can reduce efficiency of your panels.

Sparkling Clean Panels

Our Process with our Pure Water Cleaning System

  • Most PV arrays can be cleaned from ground level using our telescopic, pure water fed, pole system. For higher arrays we can clean from the roof or a lift.
  • Deionized pure water cleans spot-free with no harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and could damage panels voiding your warranty.
  • Each cleaning is completed with a system inspection and report identifying any issues.

System Audit & Report

Have GTRE perform a thorough system inspection to ensure there are no issues with production or the integrity of the panels. After the inspection is completed, we will provide you with a detailed inspection report identifying any issues.

Sun Bandit® Solar Water Heating in TN

The most innovative way to heat water since fire

The Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy System  is a revolutionary new way in which solar is used to heat water for your home or business. This innovative new technology utilizes PV to deliver clean, reliable hot water by putting the free energy of the sun to work for you in ways that makes owning a solar system more practical and affordable than ever before.

Greene Tech Renewable Energy LLC

The Easiest Way To Go Solar Simple to Choose

The Sun Bandit® is available in 30, 50, 80 & 119 gallon electric water heater kits and 4 power packages. 

Easy to Install

Sun Bandit® packages include a Sun Bandit(R) Hybrid Water Heater, Sun Bandit® Micro-Grid Inverters, PV Modules and a fully flashed rooftop mounting system.

Wind Power

GTRE has your wind power solution

GTRE has your wind power solution

 A small wind turbine gives you the ability to turn wind into clean energy for your on or off-grid property. If your site has an average wind speed of 8 MPH or above and no large obstructions, a wind turbine may work for you.

Greene Tech Renewable Energy LLC

Wind Power is awesome GTRE makes installing wind power easy

Wind Power Benefits

Installing a residential wind turbine on your property is a bold declaration of energy independence, and now it makes even better financial sense. Bergey Wind Power and Bornay builds reliable, high performance residential wind turbines to deliver clean energy to cut your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Bornay and Bergey’s technology gives you more options, too – including an affordable way to make even more energy by adding solar panels. Get a free site assessment today to find out how much energy you can make with a Bergey or Bornay turbine.

Micro Hydro

PowerSpout Microhydro in the Southern USA

Generate electricity from naturally falling water

Hydropower is simple. Moving water turns a turbine, the turbine spins a generator and electricity is produced. Other components may be in the system, but it begins with the energy already within the moving water. Microhydro is clean, renewable energy from a reliable, secure power supply you can feel good about. With the PowerSpout turbine, you can power an energy-efficient home or business, or run multiple units at suitable sites for larger demands. 

Will it work at my site?

If you have a flowing stream that has some fall to it, chances are microhydro will work for you. PowerSpout makes different models of turbines that are designed to maximize the power output of your stream.

Powerspout quality with GTRE quality service

GTRE is PowerSpout's southeastern regional dealer and we ship to many states for self installers; we also offer complete installed microhydro power solutions in east TN