Crossroads Solar 380w Monocrystalline PERC US-Made Solar Panel


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Crossroads 380
72 cell monocrystalline high performance solar module (Silver Frame)
Made in the USA

Crossroads Solar panels are built in a modern facility in South Bend, Indiana, with the latest technology for soldering, laminating, and framing, combined with a committed workforce. Their panels are made with the same type of equipment used by many of the major panel manufacturers. 

When possible, Crossroads sources their components from American suppliers, and counter to conventional wisdom, there are U.S. manufacturers of many of the key components. Their products are made with top grade inputs in order to produce first quality outputs.

Uniquely, our company focuses closely on labor inputs given our core value is to provide opportunity to those often neglected in the labor market. Therefore, we believe in a more “hands on” effort in our manufacturing process. Our product comes with the same industry standard certification and performance/product warranties, but more personal attention and added social value. ​

Product Testing and Certification: Before a panel leaves the facility it is tested three times, ultimately with equipment that simulates the energy of the sun, and each panel is tested for micro cracks in an Electro Luminescence (EL) machine. Crossroads Solar also demonstrates quality and commitment by submitting our panels for testing and certification to UL/IEC 61730 and IEC61215 standards. This expense and their commitment to quality insures your investment.

Warranty: Crossroads stands behind their panels with a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year product warranty. The quality of the manufacturing guarantees that Crossroads panels will be on the roofs or racks for all of those 25 years.

Electrical data (at standard conditions (STC) irradiance 1000 watt/m2, spectrum AM 1.5 at a cell temperature of 25°C)

Nominal Output Pmpp- 380 Wp

Nominal Voltage Umpp- 40.55 V

Nominal Current Impp- 9.35 A

Short Circuit Current Isc- 9.9 A

Open Circuit Voltage Uoc-  49 V

Module Conversion Efficiency- 19%

Frontside- 0.13 inch (3.2 mm) hardened, ARC, low-reflection white glass
Cells- 72 monocrystalline high efficiency cells
Backside- Composite film
Frame- 1.38 inch (35 mm) silver aluminum frame

Mechanical data
L x W x H- 79.17 x 39.96 x 1.575 inch (2011 x 1021 x 40 mm)
Weight- 48.5 Lbs (22 kg) with frame

Power connection
Socket- Protection Class IP67
Wire- 1 Meter
Plug-in system- Plug/socket IP67, MC4


Module pieces per pallet- 26

Pallet weight- 1323 Lbs

Module pieces per HC-container- 728

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Additional information

Weight 48.5 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 42 × 2 in


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